Turanj is a tourist place connected by the promenade “Lungo Mare” with the centre of St. Filip and Jakov and in front of it stretches the island Babac.

Name Turanj comes from remains of the medieval fortification. In the centre of the place is a church dedicated to a Lady of Karmel from the 15th century, whose high day is specially celebrated in the summer season during the time of the local fiesta that attracts visitors with it’s traditional routine.

Outside of the place in the vicinity of the coastal line, there is a church of St. Mary on a locality Tukljača, and on the island Babac, there is a church of St. Andrija (13th to 15th century). Above the place, on a locality called “The black circle” which is a lookout to the area, reachable by the cycle track, is a structure from the Iron Age.